Learn Chinese Flashcards

Do you know how to say “cat” in Chinese? Do you know how to say “strawberry” in Chinese? If you don’t know, you can learn it for free!

This flashcards includes 16 different categories of Chinese words. All the words has a picture, Chinese character, pinyin and audio. You also can select the words you want to learn to print on paper.

How to use this Chinese flashcards to learn Chinese

1. Click the category you want to learn, the flashcards will show you a list of words, you can click the page number in the bottom or “next”, “previous” to navigate.

2.Click the word you want to learn, it will show you the detail includes pinyin and audio

3.Click the “See other category” you can get back to the categories page.

4.Click the print button, you can print all the words or you can choose the ones you want to print by clicking the words.

Hope you can enjoy learning Chinese by this Chinese flashscards.